Tuesday, 14 August 2007

How to start 2:Developing the plan for change

During the Ministers tour of schools (june 2005) one Principal suggested a conference where every person working in schools had the opportunity to say what was good in the system and what they considered needed addressing. Still sitting in a school hall the Minister told the Chief Officer and myself that we were immediately adopting this idea. There and then I was asked to organise a National Conference in just over nine weeks that involved all employees of the education service. Also invited were representatives from every stakeholder group, including: parents, the community, early years, tertiary, Schools Inspectorate, the thriving business community, the media, other Government agencies amongst others. Working with a small Conference committee. A two day conference was planned at the very start of the next school year for about 750 delegates - the largest internal conference ever organised by a Government Ministry to date. At that stage I did not even officially work for the Ministry - I just got sort of "adopted" - but I never left.

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