Thursday, 30 August 2007

Non visionary architects

Whilst sitting on a panel selecting architects for a new primary school that matched our country's vision for 21st century schools in a new paradigm of education, it was very depressing to see one local firm acknowledge that they knew all about our new vision for schools and then sit and present old plans for an existing school. They then compounded the issue by informing the panel that they would just add more square boxes (or classrooms) to increase the capacity. It was mindboggling in its "wrongness". How do apparently "well respected" companies bid for such a major project and demonstrate so little lack of understanding or even the most basic research?? All the information is on the web! The panel was really lost for words - unusually. Mind you, arriving late and saying they would have to leave within a certain time if we were not finished did not show real commitment to wanting the job! Another view to consider though is that if they didn't get the new moves in education - do other more vital stakeholders, including parents? Ummm!!

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