Friday, 10 August 2007

The start of this blog:

I have been involved with so many exciting things in the past two years but, despite reminders only recently started recording them - I know that I should have been doing it from the start. Therefore for the start of this blog, there will be a series of entries that reflect the background and the progress we have made as I have lived through the process. This is personal and not an official MInistry blog.

The whole concept of total transformation of the Education Service in the Cayman Islands is massive. I feel extremely fortunate that, as Strategic Development Advisor (Education) in the Ministry of Education, directly advising the MInister and Chief Officer I am at the very heart of change at every level of change from strategy through planning to implementation. This is an opportunity available to very few.

The advantage of being in a small country is that due to it's size we can introduce TOTAL change of the education system in one go. In countries like the UK it has to be done by an endless train of initiatives. As a small Ministry, there are only a small handful of us working on this strategically - the most exciting challenge of all. It also allows me to constantly work extremely closely with some of the worlds leading experts of 21st century education, including Professor Stephen Heppell, and Prakash Nair, both of whom I consider good friends.

Another aspect is the total replacement of Government High Schools on Grand Cayman as well as one primary school, replacing them with real 21st century buildings , which look and feel different, allowing all students to learn in flexible specifically designed spaces.

How exciting can that be???

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