Thursday, 18 October 2007

Heppell in Bafta

A great bonus of my current role is to be the link between the Cayman Islands and Professor Stephen Heppell, who is really the guru to our education transformation work here. If I had stayed working in the U.K. I would only ever have seen Stephen on stage at some conference or other, let alone meet him. Having met him here nearly two years ago I now consider him a friend and we always have some "none work" time both in Cayman and the U.K when I visit -not that he ever really has "none work time". Recently I spent three days with him in London as we worked on a variety of projects for Cayman, including working with Teachers Television and attending a conference in Birmingham he was a key note speaker and talked about technology and the Cayman Islands. He really is inspirational and no wonder he is in such demand around the world.
The photo above was taken in BAFTA as we selected TTV programmes for the Cayman Islands and also read the Ministry of Education blog, on the screen on the laptop.

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