Monday, 22 October 2007

Little Cayman LIVE at "Be Very Afraid" in London 2

Students from Little Cayman Education Service live in "Be Very Afraid" have now taken part in a three way interview with Professor Stephen Heppell in London and the Minster; Hon. Alden McLaughlin in Grand Cayman.
This was followed by a two way conversation with the Minister as they described what they had been doing for the previous five hours in their live connection with the BVA exhibition. The electronic links were very reliable and a wide number of people from all over the world "chatted" to LCES students, including Norway, Zambia and Australia, whilst also being filmed by Eygption television.
This was an incredible morning for these students who, just three weeks ago, had very few ICT skills. It really is a great feeling to lead a project that has such a tangible feeling of success as it works. Just a few weeks ago they had little daily applications for technology - now "they all love it!" and use it heavily in their teaching and learning.
The other great asset from this event, albeit unseen by the majority, were the parents and community attending this event to see what was happening and how it worked - the two Dad's from the fire service (until the plane came in), grandmother who hadn't gone to bed the night before (not sure why) and at least one Mum who opened the Post Office late so she could see as much as possible. Only in Little Cayman!

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