Thursday, 18 October 2007

New eyes.... with Team ago go

It is really interesting walking around schools, talking to staff, with experts in different fields. Visiting schools with FF&E experts Kate and Steve Stewart from "Team ago go" we started examing what we expected students to sit on. The small lab stool that Kate is holding above, is no more than a small circular piece of wood - no thought to comfort or even size (it is woefully small for the size of students attending there). I've been in this room many times, in fact it was one the rooms converted last year as we split the GH School in to four schools within a school campus. Never have these stools, or other pieces of furniture really caught my eye. We also examined a small examination desk that did not collapse - why would anyone invent such a thing and why did we buy it? It really asks the question about how we treat students and whether this contributes to incidents of non engagement in the lesson - because they are so uncomfortable. Interestingly most of the teachers have upholstered chairs...... does this send a message??

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