Thursday, 18 October 2007

Ofsted Meeting - so who makes a decision?

I know I am a civil servant right now but I am so used to being able to get things to happen - fast!.... I recently visited Oftsed (the UK's schools inspectorate) with Stephen Heppell and senior leaders from "The Inclusion Trust" concerning "on line" assessment etc. Now I know the Cayman Islands are small and I am used to being able to get things done, but here visiting in the UK I was genuinely shocked at the beaurocracy! Whilst the civil servants we met were very pleasant - there was clearly no consideration of Ofsted being involved with "on line" assessment, and it was not on the future agenda..."as far as they knew". Why not?? Everyone in the world knows that that is where education must be going! Even more scary these senior civil servants could not confirm whether it would be a priority, whether they could even agree a further meeting and whether a Minister would ever be involved in making a decision, as it was up to someone else. And that is to someone of the credibility of Stephen Heppell. I was kind of reluctant to ask who could make any decision - but we were all appalled as we left the building - no one was really thinking about the future of assessment - they were too busy worrying about what they did and who would actually consider changing to anything relevant.! Never will I place myself in that situation - I, like the others , was sooooo depressed after that meeting. Who gets anything done? Who is thinking about the future?

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