Thursday, 18 October 2007


Prakash Nair from FNI is an inspirational colleague in Cayman. As Education Planner his visionary thinking for the new schools makes so much sense, as do his concept designs. I am delighted to know he is working in over twenty countries right now as he challenges all conventional thinking about school design. (See I am humbled that he quotes me when in Cayman asking "are we brave enough" - the issue is not this but do we have the professional development for all our teachers to work in the new schools that he has been instrumental in designing. That is our challenge - not his, and one that I am really involved with. Changing teachers perceptions after years of non development to thinking about future trends is really challenging. We are brave enough- - are the staff? The new facilities will be there - can we use them as they should be? I hope so.

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