Thursday, 25 October 2007

Yes - we really do want your views..

Thinking back on the schools I have led, everyone is always so busy doing "things" that it is often claimed that there is not sufficient time to really do enough of the critically important things - like thinking about how we really want teaching and learning to be like both now and in the future.
In one of our best primary schools, which is about to be replaced with a new building, a series of staff meetings with architects, followed by another led by myself, the Chief Education Officer and other Education staff, really started them thinking "outside the traditional box". From a fairly "heres another talkshop" start, the conversation got really animated and high quality discussion and ideas starting bouncing around the room. "One teacher simply requested - just let the buildings allow me to be as creative as I want to be" when talking about the way she worked, in groups, collaboratively, practically, using project areas, research, quiet areas and so on....

What was really great was that their really excellent ideas were not about "just give us more: space, facilities, resources, staff, storage etc" but making much better use of similar spatial areas - flexibility was a key word. As an ongoing discussion, there is no doubt these guys are on the same page as us. With more meetings planned really soon the conbversations should just get better and better.
It was just so refreshing to hear a united staff, who are already creative, wanting to do things different and keep getting better.

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