Sunday, 4 November 2007

Challenge - How do we communicate to EVERYONE?

I am really concerned that we tell as many people in Cayman (and beyond) the progress that we are making in the transformation of the education system.- it is actually a real dilemma how we do this constantly, effectively, efficiently and accurately. This is really SO important as so many people in Cayman are affected. It is also important to counter the uninformed (and often inaccurate) comments of those opposing the new schools being built - mainly on the grounds of cost. They fail to mention that schools are but a portion of the total transformation process under way. The new campuses are so much more than schools: community buildings (open 7 am. -, community sports facilities, hurricane shelters etc.)

Press releases (when they are actually published) are often out of date straight away, not every one reads the papers. Media adverts are expensive, and there are only so many times one can do radio and television slots. The added issue with these is that one tries to get too much information out at once, and listeners, viewers don't take it all in. Again, there are only so many pubic meetings people will attend to hear progress reports.

The relatively new Ministry blog is just one way - this seems to be attracting quite a few readers - but again not everyone even knows what a blog is, yet alone read it. Giving all teachers an education email means that we can encourage them to read it easily..... the wider community is the challenge.

Our approach to this dilemma right now is to try and just constantly inform and encourage people to keep up to date... Suggestions???

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