Saturday, 24 November 2007

How do we get students to care about clean environments?

Spending a few days in Washington DC, it is without doubt the cleanest city I have visited. Curiously, throughout my visit I have not seen anyone actually cleaning. Equally, neither did I see any anti litter signs or see anyone drop any litter, from groups of youths strolling around eating, to adults with loads of shopping and fast food. This was true in the morning and late at night, in shopping malls and in the streets, from national sights of historic interest to side roads.

This expectation that the environment is neat and tidy is clearly one that we should try and ensure all our young people value and want to incorporate into our learning environments. This really is an important message for all - easy to say but how easy is it to achieve in some school environments? Society, culture, public expectations, ownership - all are key factors that we HAVE to aspire to. It can be the only way forward. Students have to have ownership of their learning environments.

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