Monday, 12 November 2007

Getting the facts out......

(Pictutred above: Chief Officer of the Ministry; Mrs Angela Martins, Minister; Hon. Alden McLaughlin and me.)
One of the challenges, mentioned in an earlier post in this blog, is about trying to ensure we get the facts out about , not just the new schools, but also the progress made on all aspects of the education transformation process. Newsletters, press releases, brochures all do their part, but the Hon. Minister decided that we also needed to go "on the road". Last week, five public meetings over six evenings, with two more this week, has allowed him to give an up to date progress report complete with the facts. It also allowed the architects to present the plans for the high schools to everyone. This was followed by an "open mic" session for questions and answers - a whole team from the Ministry and Department of Education Services were also present to cover every angle - we stayed each time until they finished. It really did stress the importance of "getting out there" and mixing with the stakeholders. Interestingly, two of the main vocal opponents of the schools, who do not seem to have all the facts but who keep talking, have not attended even one of the meetings so far - perhaps tonight!.

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