Monday, 12 November 2007

Harnessing the passion and commitment...

The Cayman Islands national festival: "Pirates Week" started this weekend.... as normal amongst energy, excitment and fun, was the usual noisy but fantastic street parade, featuring a number of talented steel pan bands. These bands feature many of our students, including the John Gray High School Pan band which also features in the video link below.

At another school here, students in their steel pan band rehearse for two hours, three times a week and also for four hours every Sunday. This energy, commitment and determination to really achieve in pan does pose an interesting challenge for us. Many are more committed to this than their school work. The students have proved that if they have a "buy in" they are committed.. What is it we are doing, or not doing that does not engage them in their school work and a passion for life long learning?

There is no passing the buck here - it is about what we teach, how we teach it and engaging the students from the start so they can see the significance and want to be involved. Technology is a key response but not all the answer by any means. Many people still blame the students - get real - we need to really look at what we are doing and how we are doing it - this has to be done really soon before we switch any more off talented youngsters.!!!
Click here to experience the JGHS steel pans in action - it is worth it.

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