Monday, 19 November 2007

Heritage does need to count

Visiting a school today in Cayman, I was given the rope, made from Silver Thatch Palm, photographed above (click on picture to read the caption). This was during a heritage day as all sorts of traditional cultural crafts were demonstrated. As we move more to a multicultural diverse and global community, it is really important that we keep that which is special to being a Caymanian within our system.
The priority is that being Caymanian should be "infused" throughout the curriculum, the school design and all aspects of school life. If it remains as a bolt on "special day" then we will too quickly lose that which is special. Having worked extensvely in the UK I know that it is already too late to celebrate being British there, society has moved on - Cayman is different - we can preserve it and make being Caymanian special. Whilst lots of people publicly pay lip service to achieving this. it will take all their concerted effort to achieve it - we can't just rely on the overworked teachers to do everything!! This is a society issue!

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