Sunday, 4 November 2007

No pressure then!

I am so happy that I started the Ministry of Education blog as we try to keep asany people as possible constantly updated with the very rapid progress we are making in the transformation of the education system. Importantly though it will it act as some record of the whole process. The readership is growing and we know that people from over 30 countries have already "logged on". I just wish we had started it earlier - Professor Heppell did suggest it a year ago.

I currently appear to be the main "author" though, with other staff writing from time to time and occasional posts from such key players as Professor Stephen Heppell, Prakash Nair and the architects.

Attending a public meeting with the Hon. Minister yesterday I was pleased to find us continuing to promote the blog with the address advertised on display boards, brochures and x thousand "give aways". However, this really means we have to constantly keep it up to date. I must really must increase the number of authors....... no pressure then!

For those who have not visited the Ministry of Education blog - click here!

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