Wednesday, 14 November 2007

The planning and consultation brings results

Having chaired the National Education Conference 2005 and being one of the four people that wrote the "National Consensus on the Future of Education in the Cayman", it is really exciting to watch many of the ten strategies not just being planned but also now actively being implemented across the country. These include the implementation of the new governance model for the management of the education service, a new national curriculum, the establishment of a new Early Childhood Services unit, as well as as working on a new Education Law.

The implementation is really having an effect on many aspects of education in Cayman, and the resulting feedback is very very largely positive. You will never please everyone but there is now real structure to the system and improvements being made in almost every aspect of education. The small size of Cyaman makes rapid change possible - but there must be lessons here that can be shared with a variety of other interested countries - we have learnt so much!
Click here to access the National Consensus Document

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