Friday, 2 November 2007

The school environment really is important!!!........

Take one of the drabbest buildings I have ever seen in a school, (that has remained the same for years), appoint one new Principal who recognises the real importance of the school environment, add students work - and the results can make a real positive difference! The sudden appearance over the mid term break of these amazingly colourful tile panels makes a massive difference to the Administration block of one of our schools. Additionally, not only does it celebrate students work, it also emphasises the local culture - both massively important.
This is just part of an new but ongoing programme of sharing students work in all public areas thoughout the school, including inside the building, around the compound and in the Principals office. With this building slated for demolition in less than two years, it would be really easy not to bother - but we have a duty to make things as pleasant and as comfortable as we can for those who remain in the school. Far too many people do not consider the school environment and the impact it has on student attainment and attitude.
It is phenomenal how many people have really positively commented on this artwork in the week that it has been up - but it's not rocket science!

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