Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Setting examples in rudeness

I spent some of yesterday sitting directly behind elected members in the Legislative Assembly whilst the Hon. Minister read two prepared statements, one a progress report on progress towards the transformation of the countrys' education service, and secondly an outline of the new roles for the existing Schools' Inspectorate, both of which I, amongst others had spent hours crafting. I was, again, fairly irritated that most of the members of the Opposition spent the whole time chatting, laughing and joking between themselves. I suppose one of the reasons I was a little fed up was that they clearly had no idea how long we had spent crafting the words to avoid confusion, ensure clarity and get as much information across as efficiently as possible. As least the members of the media present were taking copious notes! I was conscious that we have spent two years with copious consultation with members of the public, and many are really engaged with the process - to see the lack of interest, at this stage anyway, showed, in my opinion rather a lack of respect towards all those who have contributed to the national picture.

Unlike the UK the L.A. is not televised and I often think that this is such a good job. It sets such a bad example for those young people who may be visiting especially as they were talking about education! However, having said that the behaviour in the House of Commons in the UK is often far far worse!! We want people to be engaged, to participate and challenge - not ignore people talking to them. I appreciate that this is politics, but it just always appears so RUDE, and is certainly no example to others!!

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