Thursday, 15 November 2007

Tough places to work - Cayman Brac style

Pictured from left to right: Chief Education Officer; Mrs Shirley Wahler, Chief Officer of the Ministry; Mrs Angela Martins, and Rick Dewar Principal high school architect; owP/p
I am frequently caught talking about how basically you can work everywhere and a variety of working and learning spaces are vital for everyone. Visiting Cayman Brac for a public meeting with the Hon. Minister, a small group of us spent the whole afternoon working hard on notes and a presentation. We did actually work really hard for several hours - the location, with a warm breeze did help though. The view, rather than distract, encouraged us to work - although we did stop to note how inspirational a working environment it was.

Many students work in environments with no view, with windows covered or blocked, even though it is well known that this cramped "low vis" style negativley affects the ingenuity and quality of learning. Teachers who work hard to create these closed environments argue about about avoiding distractions - if the lessons were inspirational and exciting - this would be far less of a problem!

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