Thursday, 29 November 2007

What - no rows of desk??

It is always inspirational when working with some of the worlds best really innovative forward thinking people, especially when they are both friends! We spent most of the day in my office planning the next stage for Cayman and the ongoing challenges. Transforming everything in education in one go is challenging (but also very exciting), reflecting on every stage of the process is a vital part of that developmental thrust which we ignore at our peril.

Whilst we take all best advice, especially from
Stephen Heppell and Prakash Nair, we are learning as we go, trying to make the best possible decisions, holding on to the vision and being brave. There is a reality issue though, as we build new learning environments without traditional classrooms (cells and bells), in ensuring that we take all those who will work and learn (which should be everyone!) in these new environments on the same developmental journey. Getting them as ready as possible for a totally new way of working is even more important than getting the buildings absolutely perfect. That is our challenge now - we have eightenen months! The planning continues tomorrow for hours - it really IS a good job we get on well.

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