Friday, 30 November 2007

What signs and signals DO we give out?

Whilst this road sign always makes me smile, it really is one of the least helpful signs I have ever seen - as one family member said "it's a bit late once you've read it!"

However I nearly always then end up thinking (worrying) about the signs that we consciously and unconsciously project as we take the entire education (not just teaching) force on a rapid journey towards 21st century learning - from 0 to 140 in two years (or less) - the only speed limit we have is our own capacity (as drivers of the project) for change! Nearly every aspect of their world will change and although the journey has already started, the challenge is to ensure that we take everyone on the same road - at the same time where ever possible.

We are learning as we go, we are looking at good international examples, but our journey is unique and we must project the most helpful and constructive signs in everything we do to support all those that work in our education system - all the time. The use of consistent vocabulary (with definitions) is vital and everyone has to have and believe the same road map.

Looking at road signs and thinking about education (again) - interesting!! (Perhaps I should get out more!)

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