Friday, 28 December 2007

Early morning television

I appeared this morning on another 'Day Break' (the Breakfast TV show') with the Hon. Minister, this time to discuss the conference in January (see post below). It was a great start to the interview that Donna Bush, our interviewer, really praised the work that we are doing in education live on air and noted that there was considerable public support for the education transformation work taking place. She said this not just as a journalist, but as a parent with children in the school system right now. As a public and very recognisable figure, she gets lots of feedback from other parents and has her feet 'firmly on the ground' and will certainly raise issues if she feels the need.

Six minutes live TV is not a long time to explain what we are going to be doing in London, but today, combined with a return visit after the conference should help ensure that we keep the community fully updated on the international interest in the Cayman story.

Whilst I arrived in the dark, as we left the television centre after the interview my eye caught the beautiful reflection of the trees in the early morning light in the studio windows - hence the photo. (Otherwise it might have been a much more boring photo of me in the studio! :)

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