Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Economists monitor transformation progress

Meeting with Ms Christine Dawson and Mr Clarence Hinkson, Country Economists with the Caribbean Development Bank.
An interesting perspective today was a meeting I chaired with The Caribbean Development Bank’s Country Economists, as they to continued to conduct an assessment of the performance of the economy during the year for inclusion in their Annual Report. The particular focus of our meeting was, unsurprisingly, the education transformation agenda.

During the meeting a number of issues were discussed including: the ongoing initiatives to enhance education system in the Cayman Islands, the Curriculum review, school enrollment and pupil-teacher ratios at September 2007 and progress on new schools construction.

They were incredibly impressed with the work that we had undertaken so far receiving far more information than they expected, but particularly with the clarity of the vision, the breadth of the projects under way and the progress that had been made so far. This is just one of the many international organisations watching our progress with considerable interest, many cannot believe the ambitious agenda and timescales, but that is precisely what is making it all work.
The international focus is growing almost daily and the Ministry blog has, in the last month, attracted hits from 52 countries amazing us all!

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