Saturday, 22 December 2007

Help Matopo School in Zimbabwe

A good deed for Christmas - Matopo School in Zimbabwe is trying to raise a few funds by encouraging people to log onto its new blog. Just by clicking onto this link will help raise some revenue.

Please click on the link below to help them get something extra - and please do pass this link around. I know traffic to my blog will slow down for Christmas so this link may reappear later at the start of the new term.

Click here and thanks!


Illya said...

Hi Gareth
while looking for pictures to post on I ran into your post. Thank you for drawing attention to the Matopo school. Now more than ever help is needed. Let's get the word out!

I'm a colleague of this wonderful woman who has dedicated so much of her time to helping out, and I'm very glad to meet you here.
Illya from Switzerland

Gareth Long said...

Glad to have posted the initial blog comments. A number of people have viewed the post - I hope it helps just a little.

Glad to meet you too!