Saturday, 8 December 2007

"My hope for the new high school is to get the right mix of education so that I can not only be noticed on the island but also be noticed worldwide"

A Year 10 student wrote these words recently ago when asked about her hope for the innovative new schools we are building in Cayman. They really sum up student aspirations. Her words have featured not only in a Ministry brochure updating the community about developments in education transformation but were also an important part of the recent public meetings chaired by the Minister as he updated all districts of Cayman.

This students' words now go international as they are being used for a major international education conference in the UK in January, where the video of her speaking them will be played to numerous Ministers of Education during a presentation about the education transformation process in Cayman by the Minister.

What is is even better is that the recognition given to her words has created ongoing dialogue between her student peers. What more can a system ask than the ongoing engagement of students?
Filming her at this location (Seven Mile Beach), also allow us the opportunity to also show another aspect of the Cayman Islands at the same time. (It may also make people jealous though!)

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