Sunday, 16 December 2007

Never ever underestimate students....

This is a great bit of video that just demonstrates how a student achieved despite the odds.... I have seen so many teachers that do not see how their students can possibly achieve anything, simply because they do not do what they have asked everyone else in the class to do in the same way at the same time! The concept of emotional intelligences and using multiple teaching and learning styles to meet these still needs considerable development with terachers in many places.

One fit does not fit all - how often do we have to say it! Personalised learning is the only way forward for ALL our students. They have to have the opportunity to demonstrate their potential and they have to be accredited for their abilities and skills - some thing we still do not do enough of.

How do we know how anyone can perform unless we give them the opportunity and encouragement. This video just sums it up really - and it just not just apply to sports..... but so many different areas.

Click here for a great event, especially for the student concerned! -

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