Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Empty Landscape .... or the future?

The photograph may look rather bare as two students pose on what is no more than a mound of fill - what is represents however is the position of a new secondary campus.

Students are genuinely excited by the current plans that promise state of the buildings and 21st century learning styles. To prepare for this people have started talking to students about how they learn best and what they wish lessons "looked like".

Should we have done this ages ago? Absolutely yes - in fact people have. The challenge is to accept what they tell us and then adapt practice to adopt some of their ideas. Things cannot continue how they have always operated - times are changing too fast.

In many cases, in a number of countries, I often wonder if it is teachers hindering progress in adopting the wider range of learning styles that students want. In my experience including in the UK, the answer is far too often yes they do!

Interesting challenge with no quick answers .... but change they must and change fast!

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