Friday, 11 January 2008

International Questioning

Whilst I have done other posts about the annual 'Ministers Seminar on Technology in Education' it has so dominated my life that it warrants another post. It attracted more Ministers than ever and followed a new format this year where just three Ministers, and other educationalists were quizzed in depth on their presentations.
The presentation covered all aspects of the education transformation process from the initial 2005 Education Conference, all the strategies, the implementation phase, through to the design philosophy and plans for our new schools. The whole presentation was supported by a complete slide show with photographs, video clips that illustrated all aspects of the talk, along with images of the new schools.
The Hon. Minister and panel, which included me, then underwent intense questioning and comments from Ministers and senior officials from numerous countries including the UK, Ireland, Iraq, Pakistan, New Zealand, Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania, Anguilla, Malaysia, Oman, Eygpt and Gibraltar. Challenging and exciting!
It went so very well and it was, frankly, amazing to see the international interest in our story, with some countries acknowledging that they had been following the Ministry blog to watch the progress.

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