Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Media interest increases

(Myself, Hon. Minister and interviewer Donna Bush on Cayman 27's 'DayBreak' programme)
There has been great media interest in the conference that we are working on currently including the TV interviews and lead story in both papers today. I, with a colleague, have spent a very considerable time without pause today 'wordsmithing' the speech and preparing slides for the Q and A panel session, of which I am member. I know that the Minister, myself and the rest of the team will continue to 'tweak' it again in London in the evenings, but it will be from a very concise base.

Already the media are asking for post conference interviews. Although we know that there is real international interest in what we are doing, it will be very interesting to actually see how other countries react in person to our story. I await this with real anticipation!

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