Thursday, 24 January 2008

Always great meeting new professionals

Michelle Swanson, Theron Cosgrave with Principal, Deputy Principal and students from one of our primary schools.
A really exciting part of my role here has been meeting a range of professional colleagues I may not have met through my work in the U.K.

This week I have been really fortunate to be working with Michelle Swanson and Theron Cosgrave of
Swanson and Cosgrave Consulting (also Associates of Fielding Nair International). They are really a very dynamic team helping us as we plan for professional development with teachers to prepare them to consider their teaching styles within the new teaching spaces. They bring a wealth of experience of working with teachers on change, small schools and teaching and learning.

Whilst they say they have learnt from their visit here, as always working with dedicated professionals we all learn all of the time. A great team who I am looking forward to working more with over the next few months. They are great and I am sure they will go down well here with our professional colleagues!

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