Tuesday, 8 January 2008

School Visit

It was interesting to visit Swanlea School in Tower Hamlets, London in the U.K. today. This is clearly a very good school making further progress. The students and staff were great! Whilst I was very interested in the design of the building, in talking to the Headteacher she noted that whilst it was dramatic, she now wished that the buildings were more flexible, encouraging a wider range of Teaching and Learning styles.

The central 'street' was spectacular, but designed with no heating or a.c. it is, at times, very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer. Therefore the possibilities for creating permanent additional learning spaces is reduced and leaves it as a glorified corridor. By all means create schools to be great examples of design, I love futuristic buildings, but not at the cost of negatively impacting teaching and learning. There is so much scope, potentially, for a number of informal learning areas throughout this area, supported by an existing extremely robust ICT system which support every subject.

An interesting visit to a very good school!

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