Friday, 1 February 2008

Brand new National Curriculum handed over

I attended the hand over of the new Cayman Islands National Curriculum yesterday. The new curriculum was handed over to the Hon. Minister by the team that steered the development of it, led by Mrs Helena McVeigh, Chief Inspector of Schools.

This has been a massive piece of work and I am so impressed by the breadth and detail that it contains, all achieved within a tightly prescribed timescale. The time scale has not affected the quality but reflects a passion and commitment to achieving thbe very highest standards.


Local educators, local national curriculum, international expectations was the focus - there is great potential in Cayman and the provision of two Curriculum Development Officers to help steer the task and do the international research meant that we could do this within our system and not rely on overseas consultants. This straight away gives it more credibility. Add to that the involvement of approximately sixty of our teachers gives added credibility.


This document will not sit on the shelf - mandatory implentation is September with many schools piloting it now. The implementation will be closely monitored and evaluated. This is a major step in Cayman education that was requested by teachers and not imposed from above.


Well done to the team - a great piece of work.

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