Monday, 11 February 2008

Equipping a Classroom of the Future - an interesting debate.

I came across a really good blog post recently from 'Intrepiteacher' as he describes what he considers should be in the 'Classroom of the Future' in his school in Qatar. Of course technology reigns, but her in the Cayman Islands, as we move on to consider equipping our new campuses it is a useful article to throw into the debate, and certainly one worth sharing.

The list he describes in his post is comprehensive and probably ambitious, but used in the context of flexible learning spaces (and NOT traditional classrooms) it begins to make more sense. We're not talking about twenty five students in 'cells' for thirty five minutes any more but about groups of students involved with integrated learning, collaboration and longer lessons.


Of course, as ever, a key issue within a learning environment like this, is recruiting / training the staff to function in it to its maximum effectiveness. As I have said in different posts and conferences, the lack of staff technical awareness is frequently negatively impacting students learning as teachers can't cope with the technology - which is how students want and expect to learn. This challenge has to be addressed by most places much earlier and much more quickly if we are REALLY going to change the way we do business!


A really interesting post here by Intrepiteacher'.


Intrepidflame said...

Thanks for linking to my post. I think you bring up some great points about having teachers who are equipped to handle these "new" classrooms. Because if we don't have trained teachers, we will enter situations like this:

This is Intrepiteacher, by the way. I am having a hard time commenting on blogger with open id. I hoe to be in touch in the future...

Gareth Long said...

Sorry about name -thanks for the comment

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