Thursday, 7 February 2008

Getting the message out - even to the cows!

New experiences for me this week at yet another 'road show'. To really get the message out to as many of the community as possible we have been putting up displays at a range of popular public functions. The annual Agriculture Show attracted thousands of attendees today, especially as it is the Ash Wednesday public holiday - hence we had a display there with masses of information to give to all interested people.

I've done loads of these, but never before as we discuss transformation of the education service have I had cows mooing, goats bleating, chickens making whatever noise they make and goodness knows what else in the background as well as well as the music.

What is important though is that we get the message out when ever and where ever to maximise community involvement.

Interesting but really fun and again massive interest in all that is taking place.(See photograph below - even the cows seemed interested!)

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