Sunday, 24 February 2008

21st century education - "Will the new school be made of cardboard?"

I accompanied the Hon. Minister to a parents meeting last week, along with our architects (CS&P) the other night, when we shared more exciting and innovative designs and discussions about the new primary school we are building. (The photo above shows the Minister talking and joking to just a tiny fraction of the audience). Writing his briefing notes prior to the event reminded me just how well the whole team is working together and how much we are achieving in a really short space of time. The timescale for this project is extremely aggressive!

What was really pleasing was just how excited the students present were about the plans for their new school. Importantly they had all been asked to contribute to the design of their school with their own ideas - some of which were adopted. (The "disco" room didn't make it though!). They really showed that they cared about their learning spaces and how they would be used! The students were also pleased that we shared some of their design drawings at the start of the presentations - they really were consulted and their responses valued! (Some people could learn from this!)
(One very young student, having carefully studied the model for ages, did make everyone laugh by asking if the school would be made out of cardboard though!)
Even better another student, without realising, demonstrated exactly what we had been talking about earlier concerning the integration of hand held technology by pulling out a cell phone and taking a photograph of the model. This he was going to post into a piece of work about the new school. Exactly right!! (My views on this are well known - see earlier posts)

This was a great evening and just part of an ongoing series of meetings and events designed to really involve students, staff, parents and the community in what will be their new unique community primary school. It really is a model of good practice!

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