Sunday, 17 February 2008

The message is getting through - reflections on the week from a hammock

As I lay on a hammock at Rum Point today, I thought about the week that has just gone by.... and that the message about thinking about how we deliver education for the 21st century is beginning to get through in the Cayman Islands.

( I also thought about the benefits of living here for a period whilst the UK is in the grips of freezing weather - well someone has to do it - it might as well be me!!)

At a senior staff meeting at one school on Friday I heard staff talking about quality of teaching and learning in their school.. and ensuring that staff get sufficient support, coaching, modelling and training - all the right responses. This from a school where, not that long ago, approaches to teaching was not really ever discussed. They were also talking about ICT integration into the new curriculum.

Another school was incredibly excited about its increasing ICT integration including a blog that it was currently developing that would serve numerous purposes, communicating to parents, highlight students work, increase community involvment and link with international partners. (I hope to help them with this later next week.) There were many other sucesses this week as well - these are just two.

Whilst most of my work is national strategy, it does also include implementation. It is great when I can get involved in a school, interact with staff and students and begin to see the real positive impact on students learning - they really must be at the centre of every decision made!

Reflecting on all this, albeit in a hammock, it really summed up a pretty good week - the hammock completed it in style !

(PS: My wife does wonder though, if I am a bit sad thinking about education whilst on the beach on a Sunday with my young family!!)

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