Thursday, 28 February 2008

Professor Heppell, plus the new Mac Book 'Air' equals excitement!!

Ministry staff Kim (Research Analyist) and Gina (Deputy Corporate Communications Manager) 'fighting' over the new laptop watched by Professor Stephen Heppell.
Professor Stephen Heppell's visit this week caused even more excitement than usual with the production of his new laptop - the very new ultra slim Mac Book Air. Not only did he have people walking down the plane to see it on his journey across the Atlantic - there were also several 'extra' visitors to my office today to 'touch', 'feel' and 'stroke it'......... oh and also to say "Hello" to Stephen. A surprising number of staff also asked if they could 'borrow it!'

There were several others who wanted to look at it during the day but I always always keep Stephen and all other visitors very busy from the moment they land to the moment they leave ... including only doing working lunches and usually dinners as well. Therefore the game became not hunt the "Air" but hunt me first to then find the Professor so they could then find the 'Air'. The hunt will continue tomorrow I suspect!

It is a great machine - I wonder how long before the the other makers follow suit in slimness and weight? When they do I suspect that the Mac's will be slimmer still!

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