Wednesday, 19 March 2008

21st Century Learning Environments: The Ingenium

I was very pleased to lead a small group of professional colleagues from Chicago, Frankfurt and Ontario to the 'Ingenium' Classroom of the future in a secondary school in Richmond upon Thames recently. All these colleagues are dedicated to new designs for effective learning environments of the future.

This unique classroom, full of technology to ensure the quality of the learning environment, including air and light, is always inspiring. Careful white board design, the nature and quantity of furniture, the colours, the range of technology available as required, the flexibility of the space, the storage, the bathrooms, the acoustiscs, are all carefully factored in to the space available to maximise the learning experience for students.

This is at least the fourth trip of professional colleagues that I have led to this classroom and still it does make me feel that I would like to return to the clasroom to work in a space like this. The options for flexible and challenging learning are endless.

My colleagues were enthralled with the space and the many features incorporated into the design.

Many of these ideas contined in the design are replicable in any school, without spending thousands of pounds / dollars - it just depends of peoples priorities. The fact that students love to work in there, and the results it produces regarding students work increase immediately, demonstrates the effectiveness of the design. Wouldn't it be great if the whole school could produce the same results in every classroom?

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Unknown said...

It's interesting to think that there is a science behind creating the perfect learning environment, but if it really helps, I'm all for chucking all the old furnishings into storage and getting things souped up!