Thursday, 20 March 2008

21st Century Education: Communication, consultation, feedback.. - the only way it REALLY works!

Chief Officer of the Ministry: Mrs Angela Martins, Leader of Government Business: Hon. Kurt Tibbetts, Minister of Education: Hon. Alden McLaughlin, Cheif Education Officer: Mrs Shirley Wahler, all live at the Cabinet Media Briefing
As I sat as in my advisory capacity at a live media 'Cabinet' broadcast I was reflected how rare it was that Ministers really explained live on radio and television how new initiatives would REALLY work and what it would mean for the children of the listening public. The only agenda item was the radical reform of secondary education in the Cayman Islands, which I have been deeply involved with.
This hour long broadcast was followed a few days later with the Hon. Minister taking part in a two hour live phone in radio programme answering questions from the public about every aspect of education reform.
There is NO doubt that communication, consultation and being willing to receive feedback is a critical part of education reform - an example that HAS to be followed at every level if new ideas are to really work. The problem is that not enough people are prepared to accept responsibility for new education strategies and be prepared to defend ideas in public.

This Minister is really exceptional at doing everything he can to engage all stakeholders in the education reform process. The experience of being the Strategic Development Advisor to the Minister, focussing on education transformation, continues to be one of the best education jobs in the world currently! Even better, reviews of our work show that it really is making a very positive difference to students learning - the only reason we started the transformation strategies!!

I have taken part in so many live broadcasts - it always raises the adrenaline because in the end you have no idea what the next caller will say. The exciting part is the massive endorsement of the Minsters' approach to education transformation - the level of support for this is just massive! This makes it even more exciting for me and the rest of the team!!
Radio Caymans' 'Talk Today host Jay Erhart, the Hon. Alden McLaughlin, CEO; Mrs Shirley Wahler and Minisery Chief Officer; Mrs Angela Martins


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Your blog already help a lot of cayman Islanders fro sure. Continue blogging! I enjoy reading it.

Gareth Long said...

Thanks very much for your comment Wangbu - it's great to get the feedback.