Sunday, 30 March 2008

NOT a 21st century working environment! Reasons to get rid of corridors!

21st century working environments should be fun, vibrant, bright airy spaces. These photographs are really good examples of what they should not be and why we should get rid of corridors and go for flexible open spaces. Staff here do have their own little spaces but they are so small all you can do is go in, (reverse in in some cases) and sit on your chair. Forget flexibility, forget visitors. The walls and useless corridors take up as much space if not more, than the working space. In my terms this is one of those examples classified as a nightmare!
Corridors have become storage spaces as the 'offices' do not allow filing and the overall effect is just a horrible working environment for everyone. How can anyone enjoy working here?
Compare this to the new office we opened here in Cayman a few months ago, a bright cheerful flexible working space which most people love working out of. (Follow Link here to blog entry about new Countryside Office:


Unknown said...

Glad I've found you! I like your blog and enjoy the experiences you have to share. Thanks and keep it up!

Gareth Long said...

Thanks very much for this comment - I'm glad you are enjoying it....