Wednesday, 16 April 2008

21st century education - international interest grows!..

Mr Jeremy Joseph of Illuminat with yours truly.
The interest in the holistic education transformation work we have been undertaking in the Cayman Islands is increasingly attracting international interest as more and more people want to find out what we have been doing and what the impact has really been so far.

I was happy to spend much of the day recently with Jeremy Joseph (Illiminat) from Trinidad going through the transformation process and the very positive impact that it had already made to the education service in the Cayman Islands!

One of the interesting aspects of our conversation was the obvious benefits of an holistic approach and the frustrations in many countries of lots of people everywhere doing "projects" but with little joined up thinking.

Additionally of course, there are lots of people basically all trying to improve education provision without communicating with each other and sharing really good ideas and practice.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a central resource that held all the developments going on in education around the world that was accessible to everyone? Perhaps thats a job for me in the future!

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