Wednesday, 30 April 2008

21st century learning environments start to be built

A very significant day in the Cayman Islands today as the announcement of a builder for the first two of the 21st century secondary campuses took place. With the announcement of the builder for the third campus due imminently this means that all the secondary facilities on Grand Cayma will be replaced with 21st century learning environments ready fopr academic year 2010.

These campuses based on the concept design by Prakash Nair of Fielding Nair International combined with the talenst of architects oWp/p, will truely be state of the art education campuses that will allow truely agile teaching and learning to take place.

It has taken the small team of us in Cayman a great deal of time and effort to get to this stage - but the result campuses will be some of the best education facilities in the world! People are already queuing up to visit!

Intriguingly, although many people get mesmerised by the new buildings, these are just a part of the total transformation of the education service that I have been involved with for the past three years. Buildings don't transform education by themselves, but they certainly can contribute to the enhancement of education provision for students which does lead to better results!

This is such an exciting time for education in Cayman, and as the 'World Ministerial Seminar on Technology in Education' in London in January demonstrated, the world really is watching!

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