Tuesday, 15 April 2008

New Teaching and Learning spaces versus Budget

Another full day locked in 'back to back' meetings with several architects (CS&P and BDCL), quantity surveyors and senior Ministry staff, as we discuss our developed plans for a brand new 21st century primary school trying to ensure that a) our vision for teaching and learning provision is not lost to budget constraints and b) we get value for money for the project.

Whilst discussions about six or eight inch building blocks or types of roofing are not riveting, there are really interesting conversations when we discuss why we need to retain specific features within the new innovative learning spaces. With the cold reality of budget, priorities are vital and dependent on clear educational pedagogy so decisions are informed and will allow students, staff and community to get the most out of these new buildings which contain a variety of flexible and creative learning spaces.

Being challenged on how and why we have arrived at specific design elements for
these exciting unique new learning spaces, (as opposed to a series of boxes or cells), really helps confirm thinking and leads to really stimulating debates about our vision for the future of education.
One of a series of really interesting days that is leading to a really innovative and unique learning environment that will be the envy of many places around the world.

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