Thursday, 24 April 2008

Trophies.... from tasteful to revolting!

Not much to do with education for once and certainly nothing serious. Just a comparison about two trophies that crossed my path this week. From the quite tasteful (and expensive) to, in my personal view, something quite quite appalling!
From the very gold and quite stylish Rugby World Cup trophy (above) which is in the Cayman Islands for the knock out rounds of the World Cup being held this week - to another trophy presented to the Ministry for helping to sponsor an event (see bottom of post). It is quite the most hideous thing most of us have ever seen.
A great thing about the rugby trophy is that the authorities were keen to get the gold trophy into schools so students could get the very rare chance of seeing (and touching...eek!) it. (It has only ever been in eight countries). What is good about it that this was a major and stressful event for Cayman to organise - to even think about involving schools shows an increasing community partnership developing - something we have been working on a lot. For more visit the Ministry blog link here.
Quiz question: Can anyone suggest which sport presented the trophy below? (It does it no favours thats for certain!)

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