Tuesday, 8 April 2008

It's the 21st century - Why can't everywhere have connectivity?

Visiting someone in hospital this week I watched them try to get an internet connection so they could get online. The only way was to dangle a '3' wireless connection device from a window pole and hope that the cable reached the hospital bed!

I admit that people in hospital are sick and just need to rest and recover. However there are people who are there for longish periods of time but who want, (and are able), to keep in contact with friends at least for a short period of the day. That has to be better than just watching televison all day!

I know that the danger would be that some people would be tempted to work and not relax etc, but there has to be a balance somehow!

People, especially younger folk, want and expect to be able to access email and networking sites etc just as much as the very expensive phone lines.

I believe that as they refurbish and build new medical facilities, robust free internet access should be available if appropriate for the patient and if doctors feel they are able to use them without compromising their recovery - even if they are if time limited.

The current facilities in the hospital I visited were just hopeless, especially for the 21st century!


Jonathan Furness said...

Couldn't agree with you more. I am sure there must be heaps of examples (as in our own lives) where keeping in contact with people and the rest of the world makes you feel better.

Perhaps WiFi can't be used in hospitals?

You didn't say if you were successful with the wireless connection device. Was this a 3G moble network dongle or just a WiFi receiver?

Gareth Long said...

Hi Jonathan

I have now added the photographs so yes to your question - it was a dongle.

The connection was successful as long as one stood near a window - unfortunately the person I was visiting was stuck in the bed. I used it though!