Friday, 2 May 2008

21st Century Learning Environments - the work starts!

It was a great moment to be at the Cabinet Media Briefing yesterday as the Cayman Islands Leader of Government Business officially informed the media about the start of the building of the 21st century secondary campuses.

We have worked for a long time for this day. As we prepared the statement and answers to potential questions it was really to remember the entire charette process we went through. From the very start of the process, educators, education officers, parents, members of the community, school inspectors, education planners, architects, technical staff all worked together over many days to work towards a design that would provide the flexibilty of all spaces we would need for a 21st century education system.

Of course ideas have been adapted as the design process developed, but the early principles have been retained. This real meaningful consultation has really helped engage stakeholders in the project from the very start. For them, the announcement today is a very significant continuation of the work they started many months ago.

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