Monday, 12 May 2008

Debates reflect progress.... evaluation reflects concern for impact!

Spending the last few days identifying our accomplishments in education transformation in the Cayman Islands ready for the Hon. Minister's speech for the budget debate in the Legislative Assembly, has really reminded me just how far the country has come in the last two and a half years.
Whilst much reform has taken place in systems and process, the impact of any reform is really the crucial point. As we have moved forward in a very aggressive time scale, it is particularly important to remember, in the Cayman Islands, we have also spent time regularly evaluating the impact of the systemic change, ensuring that we maintain our vision, but also that the changes are delivering what was intended and what was identifed by stakeholders in education as being needed. Where the desired result is not happening, the actions have been changed quickly to deliver what is most appropriate for the system and deliver the most support for students.

Too often I have seen, in a variety of places, new 'policy' being implemented 'come what may' with any review or evaluation happening sometimes years later. Therefore, if something is not getting the desired results, they continue not delivering for some time! Our ongoing consultation process with stakeholders has also helped inform the evaluations. This has helped ensure that the very rapid transformation process stays on track, has the desired benefits to students in schools and keeps all the stakeholders engaged in the transformation process.
I have said before that the world is watching our work in Cayman. In January, the Minister spoke to 64 Ministers of Education in London and the Ministry blog which I maintain has been visited by 108 countries. Even last week, yet another international group asked to visit to see what we have been doing ........ it certainly gives the Minister much to promote in his speech.

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