Thursday, 8 May 2008

Dreams coming true!

We have spent literally a couple of years planning for the design of the new 21st century secondary campuses. I visited one of the sites yesterday and was really encouraged to see the major groundworks nearing completion.

As many buildings will also serve as hurricane shelters a minimum height above sea level is mandatory. The preparation of these building slabs really do indicate the layout of the entire campus and how large each building will be. The photograph above shows the preparation of just one building.

The groundwork slabs are high - but certainly not as high as the expectations and aspirations for the future of the education service here. There is great excitment and enthusiasm around as the backroom work is now resulting in tangible results on all three campuses.

There are a few people who are disappointed in the new facilities - these are the students who will have left school prior to their completion. The new campuses will truely be fantastic and amongst the best education facilities in the world. Whilst the country cannot wait for their completion, there are also a number of international bodies just waiting to visit these buildings to see them in action.

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