Monday, 5 May 2008

Education Transformation yes ..... but we do have fun too!

The Minister of Education leads the Ministry group during Batabano
The Ministry of Education is working incredibly hard in the education transformation programmes underway, but we all know it is important to relax and 'play' as well. The Minister of Education, who also happens to be Minister of Culture, yet again led the Ministry 'float' during the annual Batabano carnival parade.

The streets were lined, the music was LOUD, the dancing great and the costumes fabulous.

It's a great event and the Ministry staff, who always work well as a team, really showed their team spirit by working together to play hard and to have a great (if long) day. Too many groups, including schools that I know, forget the fun part of working together and the important part that it plays in staff morale. Even better, we won two trophies - for Best Female costume (see below) and 3rd Place Adult Band (out of 14).

Did I dance as well? I thought Cayman was not ready for my body!!!.... But I did take my young family to watch.... and dance!
Ministry staff in 'full flow!

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