Tuesday, 20 May 2008

The world is watching the Cayman journey with increasing interest!

Since we started the very aggressively paced holistic transformation of the education service in the Cayman Islands, many people, from all round the world, have expressed considerable interest in the ‘everything at once’ approach to transformation rather than the constant drip feeding of endless initiatives that so many people all round the world have had to put up with for far too long.

The level of interest and number of people now talking about aspects of the transformation process continues to grow apace.

In the last few weeks alone, the tiny country of the Cayman Islands' story of holistic education transformation, along the building of new learning environments, continues to be spread around the world. Recent references include:
  • an article in the prestigious 'Education Facility Planner' magazine, in an article entitled "Innovative Schools in Britain, Australia and the Cayman Islands",

  • a world wide press release from Capita concerning our use of the new SIMS software to "allow the use of technology to give unprecedented access to information and data we need to help students improve their performance

  • promotion of a seminar entitled "From Chicago to the Caymans" to be held as part of the "Building Better Schools" Summit in London in June. The seminar is being led by oWp/p, architects of the high schools

  • a detailed description of the work being done in the Cayman Islands during a lecture given by Professor Stephen Heppell in Scotland

  • Minister being interviewed by journalist Luis Nachbin of the Futura Channel of Brazilian TV

The pace is frenetic, but this job has to be one of the best there is in moving education systems forward. Whilst it is great fun, (and challenging at times), I count myself to be really very fortunate in having been so deeply involved from the very beginning with this amazing journey – and the fun continues…..

Minister; Hon. Alden McLaughlin, being interviewed by Journalist Luis Nachbin, of the Futura Television Channel, Brazil

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